GHNS in Artikulate

I am currently working on implementing GHNS in Artikulate. So far the user in order to get the course data files had to manually clone git repository. This is not ideal and we would like to support downloading the courses within the application. Therefore I am trying to use GHNS (Get Hot New Stuff) library to accomplish this. Below there is a screenshot of the download window I have so far.Image


Artikulate at Akademy

Language data for Artikulate is growing. We currently have 19 units in basic course skeleton form which 18 are translated into Polish, 10 into French and 7 into Bengali. I have gathered some initial recordings so 8 polish units have recordings of male and female speaker. Also 2 French units have recordings of a male speaker. But we need more!!! If you are attending the Akademy this year you have a chance to contribute as well. There are two BoFs on Artikulate scheduled on Wednesday, July 17 organized by Andreas Cord-Landwehr (IRC Nick: CoLa) . If you are interested in attending please follow this link.