Artikulate – User interface improvements

Last four weeks I have worked on several features that would improve user interface in Artikulate.

My main focus points were:

1) a progress bar that shows the user how many phrases he learnt correctly,

2) menu creation,

3) improvement of display of user buttons for playing native speaker recordings and recording user own voice,

4) allowing the user to change the font of the displayed phrase.

 The screenshot shows a view that a user have while learning a new phrase after the changes. You can see from the progress bar at the bottom that the user already have learnt correctly some words (green colour), expressions (blue colour) and phrases (orange colour). The user can switch between the words, expressions, sentences and phrases by clicking on the progress bar. There are also two separated sections for media buttons: native speaker section and user section. The user section has a record and play button so the user can record himself and then listen to his own recording in order to compare with a native speaker one.Image


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